Visegrad and Moldova students share their thoughts on reform and European integration experience of Visegrad countries

Debates of University students from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Moldova inspired the students to share their thoughts. Short essays show what they have to say on the topic of reform and European integration experience of the Visegrad countries and how it relates to Moldova’s European path. The essays can be accessed on the project’s web page and facebook.

Several quotes from the essays can be found bellow.

“The process of economic and political transformation did not undergo smoothly in V4 countries as well. However, this experience could serve as a prevention and “lesson learned” for Moldovan elites. Thus, sharing not only V4 success stories but also “failures” could be a useful example for Moldovan business, political and civil elites not to repeat the same mistakes.”

 “One of the most important challenges for Moldovans will be the upcoming parliamentary elections. We believe that Moldova should send a strong message to the EU that it is still willing to remain on a path towards closer cooperation with the EU and even the ambition of membership.”

 “Moldovan chances of success depend heavily on its inner capacity to overcome the misfortunes of historic and geographical determinism.”

 “The Central European countries created the currently existing archetype of integrating into Euro-Atlantic structures by uniting the efforts of regional actors into a single strategy.”

“Debating the European Union: Visegrad 4 Experience” is a MESA10 project supported by the International Visegrad Fund and implemented in cooperation with partners from Visegrad countries and Moldova. The project aims at sharing the EU integration and reform experience of Visegrad countries with Moldova and at strengthening the understanding of reforms needed on its European path via innovative live debates of University students from Visegrad countries and Moldova.