Project Description

The project “Mapping of East-East and triangular cooperation initiatives in Europe and CIS: key players, issues, modalities and UNDP role” was carried out in partnership by Corporate and Public Management Consulting GroupRomanian Center for European Policies (CRPE) and MESA10.

In line with the Terms of Reference (ToR), this report focuses on the mapping of the main actors, institutional set-up, priority areas and recipient countries. The report is also assessing the presence, dimension and dynamics of the assistance of the New EU Member States in the region and the main issues in respect to their donor profile. The team focused the assessment around the following main aspects that were considered of high importance for the main objective of the study:

  • key players in East-East and triangular cooperation (providers, stakeholders, recipients), and what their expectations and capacities are, including both state and non-state actors involved in horizontal knowledge partnerships,
  • territorial priorities and main issues on the agenda (substantive areas of focus) of East-East and triangular cooperation efforts, and to which extent there is overlap and duplication in addressing these issues by various players,
  • modalities used by various players, including institutional set-up, funding models, involvement of academia, NGOs and private sector and partnerships with multilateral organizations, including UNDP.

From the methodological point of view, the assessment comprised of:

  • desk research, analyzing relevant documents and previous reports,
  • over 30 semi-structured interviews targeting national governments’ representatives (mostly MFA), NGO sector (CONCORD members and beneficiaries of ODA) or UNDP representatives,
  • use of a data collection instrument (country factsheet) that was elaborated for each assessed country.



UNDP Regional Centre in Bratislava


Corporate & Public Management Consulting Group (Latvia)

Romanian Center for European Policies (Romania)


August 2012 to April 2013

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