Program budgeting in Serbia

Since May this year Jan Marusinec is involved as an international expert in the preparation of a full government-wide rollout of program budgeting in Serbia. This initiative is part of a wider USAID Business Enabling Project and is assisting the ministry of finance. A redraft of the program budgeting “Besides this being a very interesting and challenging assignment, Belgrade is a pleasant place to be, full of nice people. Always happy to return.”methodology is about to be finalized and new guidelines for line ministries on preparation of their budget submissions in line with the methodology will be issued during the summer months of 2013. A new IT application for budget preparation will be developed and used for collection of 2014 budget proposals. Pilot ministries will be provided with trainings and support during their program structure preparation. So far only a handful of ministries and government agencies are participating in the pilot, but full coverage of government expenditures is expected for the 2015 budget. The methodology should also be applied at the level of local governments and a unified set of programs and indicators is under preparation.