Program budgeting in Moldova

Martin Valentovic and Jan Marusinec are spending the last two weeks of June in Chisinau assisting the Moldovan government with developing program structures and building up capacity at several line ministries and central public authorities. “We appreciate the interest of Moldovan officials in sharing the Slovak experiences and their active participation. Moreover, we very much enjoy Moldovan hospitality and the food and wine in this country are remarkable.”These on the job trainings are part of a comprehensive project that is helping to introduce program budgeting in Moldova. The project is supported by the Public finance for development programme that is financed by the Slovak ministry of finance and managed by the UNDP Regional Centre in Bratislava.

Martin and Jan are members of a wider team of international experts, mostly with experiences from the Slovak public finance management reform from early 2000’s. So far the team was involved in following activities:

  • developing methodology and training packages for PBB on the level of central and local public authorities (July – November 2012)
  • training 39 trainers from MOF Moldova and central public authorities on the PBB concept and methodology (November 2012)
  • coaching Moldovan trainers during their delivery of trainings (May 2013)
  • on-the-job trainings in selected central public authorities and their subordinated organisations (June 2013)

These activities will be followed by assisting MOF during the review of the budget submissions later in August 2013.