M.E.S.A. 10 in Civil Democratic Development Project implemented by ZIP Institute, Macedonia

Civil Democratic Development (Civil De-De) is an innovative project advancing civil excellence through utilization of a web-based platform for capacity building of CSOs focused on organized crime, corruption and illegal migration. This project aims to improve, on one hand, the collaborative and on the other hand, the advocacy capacities of Macedonian and Western Balkans CSOs focused on issues related to organized crime, corruption and illegal migration, by sharing best practices of Visegrad member states and provision of person-to-person assistance.

The project is being implemented by ZIP Institute from Macedonia as a lead organization, along with its partners: ICDT, Hungary, M.E.S.A. 10, Slovakia, BeInternational, Czech Republic and GLPS, Kosovo.

More information: http://zipinstitute.mk/visegrad/

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