Future of Central Europe: Reform or Retire

The future of Central Europe and its role in a wider EU context were discussed at the Euromoney Conference in Vienna on 20 January, 2015. More than 120 participants in the audience followed panel discussion chaired by Rainer Muenz, Head of Research and Knowledge Centre at the ERSTE Group Bank. MESA10 was represented on the panel by Milan Jezovica.

Increasing competitiveness, improving infrastructure, investing more in innovation and education, and raising the quality of institutions were identified as the main challenges ahead of Central Europe. Having strongly contributed to the overall EU economic growth in the past decade, Central Europe now finds itself at the cross-road facing multiple dilemmas for both business and governments. Its answers to main equations (reform or retire, develop or decline, connect or fragment) will determine whether the Central Europe as well as its individual countries will be able to continue their convergence story with the EU core or diverge from it. At the same time, the countries of Central Europe should improve their cooperation in EU institutions and building up their EU profile.

More information: http://www.euromoneyconferences.com/cee.html