Since its founding in 1992, MESA10 champions individual liberty, free market economy and a government of limited powers. It promotes private initiative, individual rights, democratic principles and values such as free competition, equality of chances, free enterprise, openness of the economy and inviolability of private ownership. Thoughout its existence, MESA10 supports, in diverse ways, economic and social reforms aimed at building a free society based on respect for democratic principles and values. MESA10 and its members pushed for structural reforms in economy, banking, judiciary, public finances and public administration. After Slovakia´s integration into the European Union and the NATO in 2004, MESA10 strengthened its accent on sharing Slovakia´s transitional and reform experience. It works on the projects involving the EU and NATO member states, those aspiring to join them and countries, companies and communities trying to shape, initiate or implement reforms.

MESA10 has a wide global and European cooperative network of partners and is able to mobilize a variety of domestic experts. This enhances MESA10´s ability to fulfill its mission and to promote democratic values.

MESA10 is an independent think tank, non-governmental, non-profit organization. Its name denotes an abbreviation of Macro Economic and Social Analyses and symbolizes its 10 founders: František Šebej, Pavel Hoffmann, Jozef Dančo, Mikuláš Dzurinda, Pavol Kinčeš, Jozef Kučerák, Ján Langoš, Ivan Mikloš, Gabriel Palacka and Anton Vavro. In 1997, five years after its founding, the legal personality of MESA10 changes – the new civic association had the following founding members: Ivan Mikloš, František Šebej, Gabriel Palacka, Pavol Kinčeš and Viktor Nižňanský.

Among critical activities of MESA10 are:

  • Elaboration of economic and social analyses and studies

  • Provision of consultations

  • Delivery of interviews, standpoints, reactions and comments to actual topics to the media

  • Organization of discussions, seminars, conferences and lectures
  • Publication activities

Main areas of MESA10 interest are:

  • Economic Development, Trade, Investment and Privatization
  • Foreign Policy, International Relations and Development Cooperation
  • Public Administration and Public Finance Reform
  • Regional Development, Decentralization and Local Governance
  • Social Security and Assistance, Pension and Tax Reform
  • Reform of Education System from Pre-school to Tertiary Level

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